Welcome to Pingla Ghar

Welcome to Pingla Ghar, Jalandhar. A Home for the Homeless. Providing Care to Handicapped, Destitute, Mentally Retarded and the Abondoned.

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Situated in Jalandhar at Gulab Devi Hospital Road, Pingla Ghar is a home for the homeless, handicapped, destitute, mentally retarded & the abandoned. It provides food, shelter & hope for the future to people in need, regardless of their religion, caste, or creed. 

It was started in 1951 by Bawa Sarup Singh, a direct descendant of Sahib Shri Guru Amar Dass Ji. From the initial two rooms and five inmates in a deserted graveyard it has grown consistently over the years. Today it spreads over six acres with a cluster of buildings, providing shelter to more than 400 residents. The Institute was awarded the President’s Award for outstanding service by Sh. NEELAM SANJEEVA REDDY, President of India.


The Pingla Ghar family provides care and shelter to the abandoned, crippled, destitute, invalids, disabled, handicapped, orphans and the mentally retarded without discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed or religion.

Many have come here as patients and have been cured. Children are educated, and, on recovery, sent to recognised schools. Of the patients who came here, 15 couples tied the nuptial knot after recuperating. Over half the dedicated workers of the institution are people who came as patients and, having been cared for, now care for those in need. One of them is a man who was terribly injured in an accident and brought here. He found a wife from amongst the inmates and cannot imagine leaving the place that gave him and his wife shelter in their darkest hour.


The emphasis at Pingla Ghar is on rehabilitation. Inmates are encouraged to work. Some help in the kitchen, others make envelopes, paper bags, candles and incense or stitch clothes. This section is the effort of a paralytic who came here as a patient at the age of 58. it is a unit that earns over Rs.1 lakh every year. Another patient, who is unable to move, has invented a wooden frame for making string bags.


Picnics and outings are often arranged for the inmates. The atmosphere is very homely and caring. The emphasis is on hope for the future and joy in the present. It is not fear and awe of authority that motivates the inmates. Lush lawns and flower beds are maintained to make the surroundings attractive and enjoyable. About 55 percent of the inmates are women and 
children and 45 percent are men. They are provided with food, shelter, protection, clothing and medical treatment. Pingla Ghar also looks after needy families who are not inmates. Approximately 100 families are given help in the form of blankets and dry rations like Atta, Dal, etc.


Pingla Ghar is now a large institution with a huge expenditure. It has an annual expenditure of over Rs. One Crore. Although most of the finance comes from the public, donations in cash and kind help the undertaking to a considerable extent. 

Bawa Sarup Singh, an octogenarian, received a National Award for his outstanding work as an employer of the handicapped from the contemporaneous President of India, Shri Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy.

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